Concrete Protective Coating & Decorative Wall Coating

Concrete protective coatings and decorative wall coatings are designed to ensure durability, mechanical and/or chemical resistance, weathering withstanding properties to act as your protector at a certain environment and conditions, MATEX range provides all of that and aesthetic properties too.

Concrete Protective Coating:

  • Concrete protective coatings and paintings are thin layers of solid material placed to a substrate to function as a barrier to hinder or prevent corrosion.
  • Under insulation, a concrete protective coating efficiently prevents contact between water that has penetrated the insulation system and the steel, so preventing corrosion.
  • In addition, there are four different types of metal protective coatings: barrier, inhibitive, sacrificial, and combination. Barrier coatings shield metal by preventing water, oxygen, and electrolyte from coming into touch with it. Corrosion-inhibitive coatings are made up of compounds that prevent corrosion.
  • The best approach to maintain a range of surfaces safe is to use industrial coatings. They keep rusting at away. It can not only survive the processing material, but it can also prevent ordinary corrosion that may arise due to the machine’s construction. They clean the surfaces.
  • Concrete is a strong and long-lasting substance that is utilized in civil engineering projects. Buildings must also achieve the owner’s and architect’s visions for their appearance and attractiveness. Concrete protective coating solutions may improve the aesthetics and introduce additional colors to the concrete, as well as boost the concrete’s longevity by preventing water infiltration and sealing and fitting surface fractures.

Decorative Wall Coating:

  • Decorative wall coating¬†are often applied to the surfaces of stationary structures like buildings, bridges, and roads, as well as sections of stationary structures such facades, pavements, and pre-fabricated materials. These coatings can be utilized for both protection and aesthetics.