Industrial Floor Coating

MATEX aims to set a standard of excellence in flooring systems, through engineered construction chemicals and integrated systems specifically designed to meet various requirements designated for each floor, decorative and durable Epoxy Flooring Coating & Decorative floor coating, resistant and withstanding self-leveling polyurethane & industrial flooring, elastic, monolithic and always high-quality car park flooring coating

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is the most significant aspect in any building to make it stylish, functional, and provide a feeling of individuality. The floor is the last touch and the material that receives the greatest friction in any building, construction, or residence. You come into contact with the floor in whatever building you enter. There is a whole system of layers and elements under your feet that work together to give this completed effect.

“A surface flooring system that is applied at least two millimeters in depth is called epoxy flooring coating.” It is put in many layers on your floor. Hardeners and resins are the two essential components that makeup epoxy.

Epoxy flooring coating is a one-of-a-kind flooring option that has slowly gained favor. A resin and a hardening chemical are mixed together after a concrete floor has been leveled and readied. Over the course of a few days, the chemical process will transform the liquid into a hard plastic floor.

Self levelling flooring

Self levelling polyurethane flooring is softer and more elastic than epoxy, making it more scratch resistant and excellent for high-traffic areas like multi-deck parking garages. Generally, the benefits of a polyurethane system exceed those of an epoxy coating applied with a roller.

Industrial Floor coating

Industrial flooring coating is thick, protective coverings that are employed in areas where significant wear or corrosion is expected. Warehouses, chemical facilities, and factory floors are just a few examples of typical applications.  Industrial flooring coating may also be utilized to brighten or highlight facility sections.

Cracks on the flooring are frequently covered with epoxy coating. To match a brand’s specific style, industrial-grade epoxy floor coating can be mixed with paint colors and patterns. With its polished appearance, the shine of the epoxy floor coating may modify the appearance of industrial facilities.

Car Park Floor Coating

Car park floor coating must be able to prevent the concrete from abrasion and damage. Car park flooring encounters a variety of issues.  In the case of multi-story parking garages, they must also serve as water proofing intermediate levels.

However, the difficulties do not end there: products marketed for such environments must be resistant to hot tires and vehicle exhaust. There will be spills from brake fluids, vehicle oils, and other substances on occasion. When building the ideal car park floor, all of these considerations must be taken into account.

Anti-slip protection is also required in some portions of the parking lot floor (such as pedestrian lanes and ramps).

Polyurethane coatings, such as those that function as elastic topcoats, are commonly specified for car park flooring coverings. This is especially true if the floor coatings must also serve as waterproofing protection.

Decorative Flooring

Decorative flooring is an unlimited possibility for innovative flooring design are unlimited with seamless resin floor systems. You may create a unique interior design with stunning floor finishes by combining nearly endless color possibilities with ornamental aggregates, graphics, brand imagery, and logos applied in various application procedures.